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Quick Tip: A More Efficient Tool For Writing About Game Development

void Start()
//Tell them how great it is..;-)
Debug.Log("Ulysses is Pretty Great!);

A wise man said that writing on Medium would be a good career move. Since then, I’ve been looking for a more efficient way to write about coding. A way without having to take several screenshots, find them, copy them to Medium, etc…

That’s where Ulysses comes in. It’s already a fairly popular app on the App Store. The best part is that for a programmer, game dev, or anyone familiar with code, it will likely be more fun than Word or other common text editors.

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I started learning game development from Jonathan Weinberger back at the beginning of the summer in 2020. I started on Udemy and then joined GameDevHQ. The Galaxy Shooter game has been with me since the beginning. I frequently revisit it to test out new things. Sometimes I break it, but that too is probably a good learning experience. The game is currently broken for me. I’ll be fixing it but, the enemy's spawning is very messed up. My player gets damaged without anything appearing on screen. This happened when I upgraded my project to Unity 2020. Anyway, I can still…

Hi! As you might have noticed, my name is Aaron. I heard from a reliable source that posting on Medium would behoove me. So here I go!

My plan is to write about my experiences learning to be a Game Developer and Software Engineer. I might also go off those topics and write about deliveries with DoorDash, which I’ve been doing full-time for almost 3 years now, or some other random things.

So, this whole game development path started in the summer of 2020. I discovered online courses on Udemy, and enrolled in over a dozen drawing and art courses…

While working on my current project I came across an issue I wanted to solve involving Object Pooling. Now, I’m not sure if it would’ve affected my game much in regards to performance, but it was something I wanted to solve anyway. So here is my solution…

For a little backstory:

I am using object pooling in my current project for the player bullets, enemies, and power ups. The problem was that every time my player changed weapons, the Pool Manager would instantiate more bullets, adding to the existing bullets in the hierarchy. …

Aaron Grincewicz

Future Game Developer, Current Dasher and overall enjoying life.

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