New Blog, Who Dis?

Aaron Grincewicz
2 min readMar 23, 2021

Hi! As you might have noticed, my name is Aaron. I heard from a reliable source that posting on Medium would behoove me. So here I go!

My plan is to write about my experiences learning to be a Game Developer and Software Engineer. I might also go off those topics and write about deliveries with DoorDash, which I’ve been doing full-time for almost 3 years now, or some other random things.

So, this whole game development path started in the summer of 2020. I discovered online courses on Udemy, and enrolled in over a dozen drawing and art courses. I’d been wanting to hone my art skills for a long time, and Udemy has some great instructors.

Well, I committed to getting better at drawing. Did the lessons the instructor assigned, practiced, practiced, and practiced. My end goal was to get good enough to make art for video games. My skills improved a lot. Then one day I discovered Unity.

My enthusiasm for learning prompted me to download Unity, which then leads me to find all the free learning resources on their site. So I did some tutorials. I was sold. Video games have been a huge part of my life since early on. Now I was learning to make them. The various tutorials were great but very spoonfed. This led me to look for courses on Udemy, and that’s where I found an instructor with a very similar attitude towards learning, Jonathan Weinberger, founder of GameDevHQ.

I enrolled in Jon’s courses, and that’s when things really started clicking. No spoonfed tutorials. Jon’s teaching style helped me retain the information. If you’re familiar with Rosetta Stone, it’s a similar approach. Because learning to code is like learning a new language.

After completing almost all of Jon’s courses on Udemy, I became a member on GameDevHQ, and continued with the courses there. While there is an Intensive Program that I’d love to do, my life doesn’t fit that right now. So I’ve been doing as much as I can, practicing, doing the Filebase challenges, etc… In an effort to prepare for the Certification GameDevHQ offers. Since I’ve already finished the main courses I won’t be posting specific course progress updates or anything like that.

What I will post are things about Unity and game development that I find interesting or something I learned. Basically things like, “This is cool. Check out how I did it.” type of things.

Thanks for reading!