Aaron Grincewicz
2 min readMar 31, 2021
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Quick Tip: A More Efficient Tool For Writing About Game Development

void Start()
//Tell them how great it is..;-)
Debug.Log("Ulysses is Pretty Great!);

A wise man said that writing on Medium would be a good career move. Since then, I’ve been looking for a more efficient way to write about coding. A way without having to take several screenshots, find them, copy them to Medium, etc…

That’s where Ulysses comes in. It’s already a fairly popular app on the App Store. The best part is that for a programmer, game dev, or anyone familiar with code, it will likely be more fun than Word or other common text editors.

What’s different about Ulysses is their markup. It’s all inline, so you don’t have to highlight and click another button. You can just write. I highly recommend reading the introduction within the app. It’s very helpful.

The markup is what will make writing about code more efficient and fun. You can just type it out along with your document using two apostrophes (‘’) on a new line to start a Code Block. You can then specify the language, so the syntax will be highlighted accordingly.

Occasionally, the highlighting is lost when you publish your document(to Medium.com for example) but the formatting stays!

public void SampleCodeBlock()
Debug.Log("This is pretty awesome! No Copy/Paste required!")

You could, of course, copy, and paste from your IDE as well. It will remember what programming language you choose and future code blocks will be formatted automatically.

In addition, if you use the Grammarly extension in Word, or other apps, no need. Ulysses has a similar feature built in! And there’s no additional fee. Then there’s the syncing across all of your Macs and iOS devices…

I recently discovered the Ulysses writing app and wanted to share it once I saw the code formatting markup. So give it a shot if you haven’t yet. They offer a free trial, and then monthly and yearly subscriptions at a very reasonable price.

Did I mention you can publish directly to Medium? Very Nice!

git commit -m"Give Ulysses a try!"